Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mounted the old Phillips meters.
They show kV.
So 6kV is 1 hour....
And on the other meter 6kV is 12 hours..
Kind of real.
These meters had the possibility to be "back lit"..
So they are now.

At the rear, pulsing against the wall, there is a red LED.
Showing seconds.
Makes the clock look alive!
And it keeps the burglars at bay too...

Monday, 14 April 2008


I like rust
A lot

this is an old mine on a small island off the west coast of Scotland.
It is just beautiful.

I've been working with steel for the best part of my life.
I just love steel.
Wood too, mind you...
The smell of steel.
The feel to it.
The colour.
Especially if it starts to rust.

A clock?

Phillips made the most beautiful Bakelite meters half a century ago.
I bought loads of them.
In a military dump store in Holland.
Almost 20 years ago now.
Even then I said to myself: you never know...
I made this frame out of really cheap steel.
Thought it would rust just by looking at it.
Not so.

Threw it into the Venoge (the most beautiful river in the world..)
Half in, half out the water.
For half a year.
No rust...

Put on the grass in the garden.
The whole winter.
Under the snow.
No rust...

Acid is the magic word.
You can buy it in any pharmacy here in Switzerland.
You just show your passport, swear under oath that you will not use it to dissolve dead bodies and sign tons of official documents.
I showed, swore and signed.
And walked out of the shop with the most aggressive acid money can buy...
Still no rust....

"You have to dissolve some pure copper in it first"
Now we're talking!
Just to be sure I made my own magic potion with vinegar and salt.
I'm sure this is what made the nice pits....

Just mount the meters and electronics...